Updated News

Date Event
24 April 2022      According to the Education Bureau's guidelines, everyone must possess a vaccine pass to enter school area. If candidates cannot take the test due to vaccine pass, the test fee will not be refunded.
22 March 2022      Due to the unpredictable situation of COVID-19 and political problems, the 81st TOPIK has been decided to cancel. (Click here for details)
1 November 2021      2022 TOPIK application and test schedule is now updated. (Click here for details)
26 June 2020 The TOPIK is implementing a series of contingency and precautionary measures, during the test to ensure the health and well-being of candidates, testing personnel and all involved in the administration of the test. Candidates should pay attention to the related arrangements. (Click here for details)
23 May 2019 TOPIK results will be released from 2pm onwards on the results day. With candidate number (starts with 00303, printed on candidate ID slip) and date of birth, results can be checked via the TOPIK official website www.topik.go.kr. Candidates may print out further copies by themselves through the Korea TOPIK website within the validity period if needed.
16 January 2019 From 1 July 2019 onwards, candidates can only check their results and apply for a copy of certificate within the two-year validity period of results. Online results checking will no longer be available once its validity period expires.
23 May 2018 All TOPIK candidates must print out their own identification slip through “Print ID Slip” (right side) and bring along on the day of exam.

You are strongly advised not to bring any electronic devices to the test centre such as mobile phones, tablets, digital watches, PDA, pagers, multimedia players, electronic dictionaries and smart watches with mobile applications installed or wireless technologies supported. Before the start of the test, according to the instructions of invigilator, turn off your mobile (any electronic devices) and then put into the holding bag provided, which will be stored on 4/F the TOPIK Operation Centre. Otherwise, you will be disqualified. If any of your devices rings during the test, you will be recorded as cheating. All articles will be returned to candidates after the test. For TOPIK II, it will be returned after the end of second session.
22 November 2016 From the year 2017, the test time of TOPIK I will start at 9:10am; TOPIK II will start at 12:20pm.
22 November 2016 TOPIK Application Form - Sample
12 May 2016 Due to internet technical problem, from July 2016 (i.e. entrance for the 48th and 49th TOPIK), Unionpay card will no longer be accepted.

All entrance fee must be settled by credit card (Visa or Master card) only. Candidate and credit card holder are not necessary to be the same person. Please ensure your card is accepted to do on‐line transaction.

No entrance fee is refundable or transferrable (may not change the date of test or level or candidate) after submitting the application form.
12 May 2016 Brower support for TOPIK application form.